Photographer Spotlight: Al Mefer

Drake: Where do you call home and what was it like growing up there?

Al Mefer: I grew up in Benidorm, Spain surrounded by skyscrapers and the sea. It’s a strange place to live, but I guess it didn’t have a great impact on me by then.




DE: How has traveling changed your perception of your home town?

Al Mefer: Now I see it very differently. Its skyline looks so enchanting for me now. I love going back to Benidorm and shooting the different faces of the buildings.



DE: Was photography a part of your life growing up? When did you first start shooting?

Al Mefer: It was not until I started surfing the net. Drawing and painting have been essential parts of my life since I can remember. I got interested in photography when I was a teen, but didn’t get into it until last year.

DE: You’re also a Neuroscientist how does that effect your photography?

Al Mefer: Fundamentally. I’m always wondering what it’d be like to see the world through the eyes of someone with a mental disease, with a different sort of perception… Neuroscience filters in my work both at the conceptual and aesthetics level.



DE: How would you describe your aesthetic?

Al Mefer: Well, as I just mentioned it’s a huge part of my work to make it feel otherworldly and cinematic. I like to think of it as a means to see the world through the eyes of the dissimilar. I think I achieve this through a surreal atmosphere that mixes up with dystopian futures with colorful scenery.




DE:When you’re walking around with your camera these days, what things are you drawn to?

Al Mefer: I love to shoot both urban and natural landscapes. Buildings and mountains are my favorite models probably. But I’m starting to shoot people these days. It’s challenging to do it in a non-stereotypical manner. I aim to do it in a way that it elicits emotions without focusing on facial expressions.

DE: Who is inspiring you on Instagram? Can you give me your top 5 right now?

Al Mefer: I’d have too many to list. I just adore the work of many people. One of my favorites is @mary_wolf.




DE: What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year? And what about in your lifetime?

Al Mefer: I want to grow wiser around my family and friends.



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