Nitesh Mattu Interview

Drake: Where do you call home and what was it like growing up there?

Nithesh Mattu:  I call Mumbai city my home were I started to learn about photography and growing up here was fun.

DW: When you’re walking around with your camera these days, what things are you drawn to?

NM:  People and their culture are the things that draw my attention these days.

DW: It looks like most of your photos on Instagram are taken with your iPhone, what do you like about using a phone?

NM:  I prefer using mobile over SLR because of its compact size and even it is easy to frame a picture using mobile phones.

DW: Can you describe the first photo you took that you were proud of?

NM: The pier and the blue sky just after heavy down pour. The first photo that i am really proud of.

DW: The photos you take are very honest, and it's refreshing to see the moments you capture. How would you describe your aesthetic?

NM:  Beauty is everywhere in this world.You should open up our heart and mind to see this beauty.

DW: Is there anything (big or small) that photography has revealed to you about yourself?

NM:  Photography has revealed lot about myself as well as it had changed my perception to see the world today.

DW: Who is inspiring you on Instagram? Can you give me your top 5 right now?

DW: What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year? And what about in your lifetime?

NM:  I want to change from hobbyist photographer.

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