Luca Tombolini Photographer Interview

Drake Woodson: Where do you call home and what was it like growing up there?
Luca Tombolini: Milan, Italy. But i really don’t like much the city environment. So maybe that’s why i started traveling so much.
DW: Was photography a part of your life growing up? When did you first start shooting?

LT: I arrived to photography late. I always played with some reflex cameras when i was a teenager but never really fell in love with that. But later, during university, I came in touch with large format photography and something clicked the moment I saw that camera.

DW: Can you describe the first photo you took where you felt like it might be something you could be good at?

LT: Yes it was winter in Milan and i had just borrowed a large format camera at school. When evening came it started snowing and it seemed to me a wonderful idea to go out there photographing the city covered in white. I only took 4 shots but they looked great to me.


DW: What is the best advice you would give to a new photographer?

LT: I’m not very much into advices because everyone has his own story to write, but if any: find your Self.



DW: I know you travel around the world to photograph beautiful landscapes, but what is your favorite location to shoot, and why?

LT: It all started after a trip in Fuerteventura, Canary islands. It isn’t the most beautiful place i’ve seen but it’s the place I’ve been back to the most. It’s close to where I live, it’s an island with still some remote areas, it’s wild and mostly desert. So far I used it as a laboratory to experiment new ideas and with time passing by it feels more and more like home.



DE: What camera(s) are you shooting with these days?

LT: All the landscape pictures I’ve ever shot are made with a 4x5in folding camera. It’s big but light enough to carry during treks. I like many things about it, especially the need of carefully plan the shot.

DE: When you’re deciding what to shoot, what things are you drawn to?



LT: Purity and simplicity. I shoot only things i can give an order to, if i don’t see any order in the shapes i skip it and move on. Also the environment plays a big role: it needs to feel remote and away from daily things.



DW: How would you describe your aesthetic?

LT: Well I think it’s a minimal view on the landscape, going towards the abstract. But more than the aesthetic i’m striving to focus on the whole experience of being alone in the landscape, trying to visually pass to viewers something more of this meditative suspension over the existent.

DW: Who is inspiring you on Instagram? Can you give me your top 5 right now?



LT: @stillpraying, @jasondecairestaylor, @vivianesassenstudio, @nynewe, @andreatonellotto

DE: What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year? And what about in your lifetime?



LT: Within this year I would like to finish the new series I’m working on right now, which is gonna be an evolution of the landscapes I'm usually doing. And about life I’d be happy if I could successfully comply the walk on my Individuation path.

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